What is a title search?

It is a report which draws up the inventory of the use of a title in film, television, literature, music, artistic works, trademarks, domain names, etc.

Why do you need a title search (when it is generally known that copyright does not exist for titles?)

Because law is an area of nuances and exceptions and, in addition to intellectual property legislation, one must consider the legislation pplicable in competition matters. The latter states that one cannot mislead the public and take advantage of the success of another work by leading one to believe, for example, that a film is based upon a popular novel. This is what is known as “passing off”. It is for these reasons that your insurers and financial partners ask that you produce a title search.

When should you conduct a title search?

As soon as the title is definite. Conducting a title search ensures that the promotion done during production refers to an acceptable title. Once you know that a title search is necessary, why wait until preparing the credits and risk an unfortunate surprise?

Why KineSearch?

  • KineSearch Reports are carried out according to a proven protocol based upon an exhaustive list of regularly updated documentation and databases.
  • KineSearch Reports are reviewed by attorneys familiar with Clearance Procedures required for the issuing of Errors and Omissions insurance. The person supervising the search knows and understands the aspects taken into consideration for the issuing of a legal opinion concluding as to whether or not a title may be used.
  • KineSearch Reports contain summaries, when available, of works using an identical title.
  • KineSearch Reports contain a component of analysis. A work mentioned in more than one database is only mentioned once.
  • KineSearch Reports are easy to read and include a table of contents and numbered items.
  • KineSearch Reports are available in either English or French. It is also possible to obtain an additional section for foreign language titles.
  • KineSearch Reports are recognized and accepted by insurers worldwide.
  • KineSearch Reports are excellent value for money.
  • KineSearch has been serving a demanding and satisfied international clientele since 1998.
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